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Home and Contents Insurance

When you make a house your home, you want the peace of mind that precious contents are covered. At Aura Insurance, we look after your biggest investment by ensuring that you are covered under all circumstances. Our team of professional insurance adviser will assist your selection of a policy by providing expert advice in terms of contents that are within the boundaries of your home. The cover doesn’t just extend to the house, possessions such as furniture, homewards, appliances and more are considered in your insurance cover.

You’ll find life long guaranteed cover for a range of events and household contents whether it is damage or stolen from your property. With the backing of Steadfast, we have access to some of the best covers in the market in terms of both coverage and costing.

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Landlord’s Insurance

What is Landlord Insurance?

Landlord insurance covers several must-haves for investment property owners that are not covered by other types of home and contents insurance policies: Theft or burglary by tenants or their guests.

Investing in your future is easily one of the greatest achievements that you can have when you purchase your investment property. Just like you would your own home, make sure that you have coverage for all your properties. One of the biggest assurances for your investment is landlord coverage. Whether it be unpaid rent or damage caused by unruly tenants, know that your investments are taken care of.

Car Insurance

We rely heavily on our mode of transport to get us to our desired locations on a daily basis. Make sure your vehicle is covered in an incident that may take you off the road with one of our policy covers. Whether it be mechanical or accident repairs, your Private Vehicle Insurance will ensure that your on the road quicker without detriment to your day to day life.

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Commercial Insurance

Aura Insurance offers an extensive range of policies to cover all aspects of business operations and minimising risks in service offerings. This includes:

Fire and Perils:
Coverage for building, contents and stock for damages caused by fire, storm, flood (as per assessment) and emergency elements.

Business Interruptions: Inability to operate due to an insured loss, you are entitled to cover to ensure your business can continue to operation under these circumstances. Without Business interruption cover, statistics show 70% of businesses that have been affected have failed to recover and ceased operations.

Theft: When stock has been stolen as a result of theft/bulgary, you’re entitled to compensation within the guidelines of your insurance cover.

Money: Specific sections of your cover will protect you from money loss as a result of money in transit, on premises during business hours/outside business hours or in a private residence.

Liability: Coverage for an amount that you are deemed liable to pay as a result of an incident at the hands of your negligence.

Machinery Breakdown: costs covered for repairing or replacing mechanical componentry that has been caused as a result of an insured event on premises.

Electronic Equipment: costs covered to repair or replace electrical hardware or equipment that is used in the operations of your business caused as a result of an insured event.

General Property: Items that have damaged or taken from the location of the insured property. This includes items used within the premises used in the operations of the business such as mobile phones, laptops or mobile equipment.

Consultation with an insurance advisor from Aura Insurance will advise of a suited cover that is specific to the needs of your business whether it is coverage for all elements or isolated coverage specific to a section.

Other Insurance

Aura Insurance offers coverage identified for certain circumstances attaining to the operations of a business, ownership of property and more. Other Insurance that is deemed coverable are outlined below.

If you have a particular area that you would like covered by one of our policies, please contact us for a consultation to assess your cover and find out what we can do to assist you to get the most out of your insurance cover and review your existing insurance program.

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Public Liability

Contract Works

Pleasure Craft

Cyber Security

Management Liability


Professional Indemnity

Commercial Strata

Residential Strata

Directors & Officers

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